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Pharoah Sanders lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Tauhid (0000) 01. Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt [add]
02. Japan [add]
03. Medley: Aum/Venus/Capricorn Rising [add]

Izipho Zam (0000) 01. Prince of Pesce [add]
02. Balance [add]
03. Izipho Zam [add]

Jewels of Thought (0000) 01. Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum Allah [add]
02. Sun in Aquarius [add]

Deaf Dumb Blind (Summun Bukmun Umyun) (0000) 01. Summun, Bukmun, Umyun [add]
02. Let Us Go into the House of the Lord [add]

Thembi (0000) 01. Astral Traveling [add]
02. Red Black and Green [add]
03. Thembi [add]
04. Love [add]
05. Morning Prayer [add]
06. Bailophone Dance [add]

Elevation (0000) 01. Elevation [add]
02. Greeting to Saud (Brother McCoy Tyner) [add]
03. Ore-Se-Rere [add]
04. The Gathering [add]
05. Spiritual Blessing [add]

Live (0000) 01. You've Got to Have Freedom [add]
02. It's Easy to Remember [add]
03. Blues for Santa Cruz [add]
04. Pharomba [add]
05. Doktor Pitt [#] [add]

Heart Is a Melody [live] (0000) 01. Ol? [add]
02. On a Misty Night [add]
03. Heart Is a Melody of Time (Hiroko's Song) [add]
04. Goin' to Africa (Highlife) [add]
05. Naima [*] [add]
06. Rise 'N' Shine [*] [add]

A Prayer Before Dawn (0000) 01. The Light at the Edge of the World [add]
02. Dedication to James W. Clark [add]
03. Softly for Shyla [add]
04. Greatest Love of All [add]
05. Midnight at Yoshi's [add]
06. Living Space [add]
07. After the Rain [add]
08. In Your Own Sweet Way [add]
09. The Christmas Song [add]

Welcome to Love (0000) 01. My One and Only Love [add]
02. Say It (Over and Over Again) [add]
03. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
04. I Want to Talk About You [add]
05. Nancy (With the Laughing Face) [add]
06. Polka Dots and Moonbeams [add]
07. The Nearness of You [add]
08. Moonlight in Vermont [add]

Pharoah's First (1965) 01. Seven by Seven [add]
02. Bethera [add]

Karma (1969) 01. Creator Has a Master Plan [add]
02. Colors [add]

Live at the East (1971) 01. Healing Song [add]
02. Lumkili, Pts. 1 & 2 [add]
03. Memories of Coltrane [add]

Village of the Pharoahs (1971) 01. Memories of Lee Morgan [add]
02. Village of the Pharoahs, Pt. 1 [add]
03. Village of the Pharoahs, Pts. 2 & 3 [add]
04. Myth [add]
05. Went Like It Came [add]

Wisdom Through Music (1972) 01. High Life [add]
02. Love Is Everywhere [add]
03. Wisdom Through Music [add]
04. Golden Lamp [add]
05. Selflessness [add]

Love in Us All (1973) 01. Love Is Everywhere [add]
02. To John [add]

Pharoah (1976) 01. Harvest Time [add]
02. Love Will Find a Way [add]
03. Memories of Edith Johnson [add]

Love Will Find a Way (1977) 01. Love Will Find a Way [add]
02. Pharomba [add]
03. Love Is Here [add]
04. Got to Give It Up [add]
05. As You Are [add]
06. Answer Me My Love [add]
07. Everything I Have Is Good [add]

Journey to the One (1980) 01. Greetings to Idris [add]
02. Doktor Pitt [add]
03. Kazuko [add]
04. After the Rain [add]
05. Soledad [add]
06. You've Got to Have Freedom [add]
07. Yemenja [add]
08. It's Easy to Remember [add]
09. Think About the One [add]
10. Bedria [add]

Rejoice (1981) 01. Rejoice [add]
02. High Life [add]
03. Nigerian Juju Hilife [add]
04. Origin [add]
05. When Lights Are Low [add]
06. Moment's Notice [add]
07. Central Park West [add]
08. Ntjilo Ntjilo/Bird Song [add]
09. Farah [add]

Shukuru (1985) 01. Shukuru [add]
02. Body and Soul [add]
03. Mas in Brooklyn [Highlife] [add]
04. Sun Song [add]
05. Too Young to Go Steady [add]
06. Jitu [add]
07. For Big George [add]

Africa (1987) 01. You've Got to Have Freedom [add]
02. Naima [add]
03. Origin [add]
04. Speak Low [add]
05. After the Morning [add]
06. Africa [add]
07. Heart to Heart [add]
08. Duo [add]

Oh Lord, Let Me Do No Wrong (1987) 01. Oh Lord, Let Me Do No Wrong [add]
02. Equinox [add]
03. Polka Dots and Moonbeams [add]
04. If It Wasn't for a Woman [add]
05. Clear Out of This World [add]
06. Next Time You See Me [add]

Moonchild (1989) 01. Moon Child [add]
02. Moon Rays [add]
03. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes [add]
04. All or Nothing at All [add]
05. Soon [add]
06. Moniebah [add]

Crescent with Love (1992) 01. Lonnie's Lament [add]
02. Misty [add]
03. In a Sentimental Mood [add]
04. Softly for Shyla [add]
05. Wise One [add]
06. Too Young to Go Steady [add]
07. Body and Soul [add]
08. Naima [add]
09. Feelin' Good [add]
10. Light at the Edge of the World [add]
11. Crescent [add]
12. After the Rain [add]

Message from Home (1996) 01. Our Roots [Began in Africa] [add]
02. Nozipho [add]
03. Tomoki [add]
04. Ocean Song [add]
05. Kumba [add]
06. Country Mile [add]

Save Our Children (1999) 01. Save Our Children [add]
02. Midnight in Berkeley Square [add]
03. Jewels of Love [add]
04. Kazuko [add]
05. The Ancient Sounds [add]
06. Far-Off Sand [add]

Spirits (2000) 01. Sunrise [add]
02. Morning in Soweto [add]
03. The Thousand Petalled Lotus [add]
04. I and Thou [add]
05. Uma Lake [add]
06. Ancient Peoples [add]
07. Calling to the Luminous Beings [add]
08. Roundhouse [add]
09. Molimo [add]
10. Sunset [add]

The Creator Has a Master Plan [live] (2003) 01. I Want to Talk About You [add]
02. Moon Rays [add]
03. Tokyo Blues [add]
04. Greatest Love of All [add]
05. The Creator Has a Master Plan [add]
06. Welcome [add]
07. Tina [add]
08. It's Easy to Remember [add]

With a Heartbeat (2003) 01. Across Time [add]
02. Morning Tala [add]
03. Alankara (Beats of the Heart) [add]
04. Gamaka [add]

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