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Don Pullen lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Tomorrow's Promises (0000) 01. Big Alice [add]
02. Autumn Song [add]
03. Poodie Pie [add]
04. Kadji [add]
05. Last Year's Lies and Tomorrow's Promises [add]
06. Let's Be Friends [add]

Montreux Concert [live] (0000) 01. Richard's Tune [add]
02. Dialogue Between Malcolm and Betty [add]

Milano Strut (0000) 01. Conversation [add]
02. Communication [add]
03. Milano Strut [add]
04. Curve Eleven (For Giuseppi) [add]

Earth Beams (0000) 01. Earth Beams [add]
02. Magnetic Love Field [add]
03. Dionysus [add]
04. Saturday Nite in the Cosmos [add]
05. More Flowers [add]
06. Sophisticated Alice [add]

The Sixth Sense (0000) 01. The Sixth Sense [add]
02. In the Beginning [add]
03. Tales From the Bright Side [add]
04. Gratitude [add]
05. All Is Well [add]

Breakthrough (0000) 01. Mr. Smoothie [add]
02. Just Foolin' Around [add]
03. Song from the Old Country [add]
04. We've Been Here All the Time [add]
05. A Time for Sobriety [add]

Random Thoughts (0000) 01. Andre's Ups and Downs [add]
02. Random Thoughts [add]
03. Indio Gitano [add]
04. The Dancer [add]
05. African American Youth [add]
06. 626 Farefocks [add]
07. Ode to Life [add]

Ode to Life (0000) 01. The Third House on the Right [add]
02. Paraty [add]
03. El Matador [add]
04. Ah, George, We Hardly Knew Ya [add]
05. Aseeko! (Get up and Dance!) [add]
06. Anastasia/Pyramid [add]
07. Variation on Ode to Life [add]

Sacred Common Ground (0000) 01. The Eagle Is First [add]
02. Common Ground [add]
03. River Song [add]
04. Reservation Blues [add]
05. Message in Smoke [add]
06. Resting on the Run [add]
07. Still Here (Reprise) [add]

Capricorn Rising (1975) 01. Break Out [add]
02. Capricorn Rising [add]
03. Joycie Girl [add]
04. Fall Out [add]

Solo Piano Album (1975) 01. Richards Tune [add]
02. Richard's Tune [add]
03. Suite (Sweet) Malcom (Pt. 1: Memories and Gunshots) [add]
04. Big Alice [add]
05. Song Played Backwards [add]

Healing Force (1976) 01. Pain Inside [add]
02. Tracey's Blues [add]
03. Healing Force [add]
04. Keep on Steppin' [add]

Warriors (1978) 01. Warriors Dance: Little Don, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Warriors Dance: Little Don, Pt. 2 [add]
03. Land of the Pharoahs [add]

The Magic Triangle (1979) 01. Lonely Child [add]
02. J.F.M. -3 Way Blues [add]
03. Hippy Dippy [add]
04. What Was Ain't [add]

Evidence of Things Unseen (1983) 01. Evidence of Things Unseen [add]
02. Victory Dance (For Sharon) [add]
03. Un Beginning (For Nick) [add]
04. Perseverance [add]
05. Rejoice [add]

Plays Monk (1984) 01. Well You Needn't [add]
02. 'Round Midnight [add]
03. Monkin' Round [add]
04. Trinkle Tinkle [add]
05. Gratitude [add]
06. In Walked Bud [add]

New Beginnings (1988) 01. Jana's Delight [add]
02. Once upon a Time [add]
03. Warriors [add]
04. New Beginnings [add]
05. At the Cafe Central [add]
06. Reap the Wild Wind [add]
07. Silence=Death [add]

Kele Mou Bana (1991) 01. Capoeira [add]
02. Listen to the People (Bonnie's Bossanova) [add]
03. Kele Mou Bana [add]
04. L.V.M./Directo Ad Assunto [add]
05. Yebino Spring [add]
06. Doo-Wop Daze [add]
07. Cimili/Drum Talk [add]

Live...Again (1995) 01. Yebino Spring [add]
02. Ah, George, We Hardly Knew Ya [add]
03. Capoeira [add]
04. Kele Mou Bana [add]
05. Aseeko! (Get up and Dance!) [add]

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