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The Gibson Brothers lyrics
Genre: Country
Long Forgotten Dream (1996) 01. Long Forgotten Dream [add]
02. Talk Is Cheap [add]
03. Hessletine Hill [add]
04. Childish Love [add]
05. Looking for a Smile in a Heartache [add]
06. Are You Teasing Me? [add]
07. Engineer Without a Train [add]
08. Good as Gold [add]
09. Where Does the Good Times Go? [add]
10. Before You Met Her [add]
11. I Don't Know What to Do [add]
12. Lifeboat [add]
13. Little Man in the Mirror [add]
14. You Won't Be Satisfied That Way [add]
15. God Bless Her, 'Cause She Is My Mother [add]

Another Night of Waiting (2000) 01. Breakthrough [add]
02. Another Night of Waiting [add]
03. Wanting, Wanting You [add]
04. She Paints a Picture [add]
05. City Water [add]
06. The Next One Is Me [add]
07. I Don't Care Anymore [add]
08. Tralvelin' Blues [add]
09. My Yesterdays Look Better Every Day [add]
10. We'll Stay Here [add]
11. Loose Talk [add]
12. Last Letter Home [add]
13. One More Time (I Must Rise) [add]

Spread Your Wings (2000) 01. Picture in the Moonlight [add]
02. Sam Smith [add]
03. Two Hours Down [add]
04. Kentucky Gambler [add]
05. Wondering [add]
06. I'm Gonna Love You (Like There's No Tomorrow) [add]
07. Ten Miles from the Truth [add]
08. Early [add]
09. Sins of Your Past [add]
10. The Moon Still Shines (On My Moonshine Still) [add]
11. Songbird [add]
12. I Can't Quit [add]
13. When God Comes and Gathers His Jewels [add]
14. Darling Corey [add]

Bona Fide (2003) 01. The Open Road [add]
02. Arleigh [add]
03. Ragged Man [add]
04. Railroad Line [add]
05. That Bluegrass Music [add]
06. Vern's Guitar [add]
07. Where Nobody Knows My Name [add]
08. Shucking the Corn [add]
09. Din't Forget the Coffee, Billy Joe [add]
10. Whisper in My Ear [add]
11. Norma [add]
12. Beautiful Brown Eyes [add]
13. The Lighthouse [add]

Long Way Back Home (2004) 01. Mountain Song [add]
02. Callie's Reel [add]
03. Dreams That End Like This [add]
04. The Way I Feel [add]
05. Ophelia [add]
06. Any Man in His Right Mind [add]
07. Long Way Back Home [add]
08. It's All Right With Me [add]
09. Alone With You [add]
10. I'm Not Wanted Here [add]
11. I Gotta Get Back to You [add]
12. Satan's Jeweled Crown [add]
13. He'd Take Her Back Again [add]

Red Letter Day (2006) 01. Lonesome Number One [add]
02. Walking with Joanna [add]
03. One Raindrop [add]
04. Red Letter Day [add]
05. The Barn Song [add]
06. I Got a Woman [add]
07. We Won't Dance Again [add]
08. Sam Smith [add]
09. What a Ways We've Come [add]
10. As Long as There's You [add]
11. The Prisoner's Song [add]
12. If I Were You [add]
13. One More Try [add]
14. Twenty-One Years [add]
15. It's All Over Now [add]

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