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Pilgrim Jubilee Singers lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Don't Let Him Down (1974) 01. Don't Let Him Down [add]
02. Take Me to the Water [add]
03. Put Forth an Effort [add]
04. No Time to Loose [add]
05. Trouble in the Street [add]
06. At the End of the Line [add]
07. A Great Tragedy [add]
08. Don't Turn Back [add]
09. Two Sides of Life [add]
10. It Isn't Safe Anymore [add]

Gospel Roots (1990) 01. Going Where Jesus Is [add]
02. Reach Out [add]
03. Illusion [add]
04. Old Ship [add]
05. Stay On The Line [add]
06. Barnyard [add]
07. Tell the World [add]
08. Are You For Real? [add]

I'm Getting Better All the Time (1992) 01. Who Did It [add]
02. Getting Better [add]
03. Praise His Name [add]
04. Are You Ready [add]
05. I'll Fly Away [add]
06. Thank You [add]
07. All the Way [add]
08. The Good Lord [add]
09. Have You Seen Him [add]

Take Me to the Water (1992) 01. Don't Let Him Down [add]
02. Put Forth the Effort [add]
03. No Time to Lose [add]
04. Are You Ready [add]
05. Take Me to the Water [add]
06. Crying Won't Help [add]
07. Swing Down Sweet Chariot [add]
08. Call Him Up [add]

In Revival (1994) 01. Doors of the Church [add]
02. Getting Better [add]
03. Barnyard [add]
04. Old Ship of Zion [add]
05. Church Song [add]
06. I'll Fly Away [add]
07. Put Forth the Effort [add]
08. Let Me Come Home [add]
09. Somebody Touched Me [add]
10. Child's Blood [add]
11. Burdens Away [add]
12. Wonderful [add]

Homecoming [live] (1995) 01. We're the People [add]
02. Time to Testify [add]
03. Life's Evening Sun [add]
04. True Story (Zebra Music) [add]
05. Stretch Out [add]
06. Let Me Come Home [add]
07. No Time to Lose [add]
08. I Got Jesus (That's Enough) [add]
09. He Brought Joy to My Soul [add]
10. Don't Let Jesus Down [add]
11. Old Ship of Zion [add]
12. We Need Prayer [add]
13. Too Close [*] [add]
14. Three Trees [*] [add]

Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around [live] (1996) 01. Life's Evening Sun [add]
02. Safety of Your Soul [add]
03. Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around [add]
04. God's Been Good to Me [add]
05. Testify for Jesus [add]
06. Don't Let Me Drift Away [add]
07. Don't Let Him Down [add]
08. Rich Man, Poor Man [add]
09. Too Close [add]
10. Lonesome Road [add]

Trouble in the Street (1997) 01. Trouble in the Street [add]
02. My Christian Journey [add]
03. I Love You [add]
04. The Train [add]
05. I Do Too [add]
06. Heavenly Reunion [add]
07. Hold Me Together [add]
08. Love Everybody [add]
09. You've Got to Wait [add]
10. By and By [add]

The Jubes (1998) 01. Illusion [add]
02. Bless Your House [add]
03. Longing to Meet You [add]
04. Me, My God and I [add]
05. Are You Ready [add]
06. Getting Better [add]
07. Too Close [add]
08. I'm Glad You Looked My Way [add]
09. You Can't Hurry God [add]
10. Standing [add]

Were You There (2000) 01. Reach Up [add]
02. Holding On [add]
03. You Can't Change My Mind [add]
04. Dying Testimony [add]
05. Prisioner of Love [add]
06. Fireball [add]
07. Let's Go Back [add]
08. Fellowship [add]
09. That's Enough [add]

The Year of Jubilee (2003) 01. Raining in Somebody's Life [add]
02. Work on Me [add]
03. Call Him Up [add]
04. Battle Songs [add]
05. Yes Lord [add]
06. He's Living Inside of Me [add]
07. Jesus Take a Seat [add]
08. Hand and Hand [add]
09. After the Storm [add]
10. Just Like He Said [add]

Jesus Got Me Off (2007) 01. Jesus Got Me Off [add]
02. She's All I've Got [add]
03. I'm Enjoying My Blessings [add]
04. I Can Praise Him Now [add]
05. Amazing Grace [add]
06. I'm Gonna Take My Rest [add]
07. Jesus Gave Me a Light [add]
08. Satan You Can't Tempt Me [add]
09. In This Place [add]
10. I Made It Over [add]

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