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Rich Mullins lyrics
Genre: Folk
Rich Mullins (1986) 01. A Few Good Men [add]
02. A Place to Stand [add]
03. Live Right [add]
04. New Heart [add]
05. Elijah [add]
06. Nothing But a Miracle [add]
07. Both Feet on the Ground lyrics
08. These Days [add]
09. Prisoner [add]
10. Save Me [add]

Pictures in the Sky (1987) 01. When You Love [add]
02. It Don't Do [add]
03. Verge of a Miracle [add]
04. Pictures in the Sky [add]
05. Be With You [add]
06. Screen Door lyrics
07. What Trouble Are Giants? [add]
08. Steal at Any Price [add]
09. Could Be a Celebration [add]
10. Love That Knows No Bounds [add]

Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth (1989) 01. The Other Side of the World [add]
02. With the Wonder [add]
03. Awesome God lyrics
04. If I Stand lyrics
05. Home [add]
06. Such a Thing as Glory [add]
07. ...and I Love You [add]
08. Ready for the Storm [add]
09. One True Love [add]
10. How Can I Keep Myself from Singing [add]

Never Picture Perfect (1989) 01. I Will Sing [add]
02. Hope to Carry On [add]
03. While the Nations Rage [add]
04. First Family [add]
05. Alrightokuhhuhamen [add]
06. Higher Education and the Book of Love [add]
07. Bound to Come Some Trouble [add]
08. The Love of God [add]
09. My One Thing [add]
10. Somewhere [add]
11. The Love of God (Reprise) [add]

The World as Best as I Remember It, Vol. 1 (1991) 01. Step by Step [add]
02. Boy Like Me/Man Like You [add]
03. Where You Are [add]
04. Jacob and 2 Women (The World as Best as I Can Remember It) [add]
05. The Howling [add]
06. Calling out Your Name [add]
07. Who God Is Gonna Use [add]
08. The River [add]
09. I See You [add]
10. Step by Step (Reprise) [add]

The World as Best as I Remember It, Vol. 2 (1992) 01. Hello Old Friends [add]
02. Sometimes by Step [add]
03. Everyman lyrics
04. The Just Shall Live [add]
05. Waiting [add]
06. To Tell Them [add]
07. The Maker of Noses [add]
08. What Susan Said [add]
09. Growing Young [add]
10. All the Way My Savior Leads Me [add]
11. Sometimes by Step (Reprise) [add]

A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band (1993) 01. Here in America [add]
02. 52:10 [Entroit] [add]
03. The Color Green [Gloris in Excelsis] [add]
04. Hold Me Jesus [Dona Nobis Pacem] [add]
05. Creed [Credo] [add]
06. Peace (A Communion Blessing from St. Joseph's Square) [add]
07. 78 Eastonwood Green [add]
08. Hard [add]
09. I'll Carry On [add]
10. You Gotta Get up (Christmas Song) [add]
11. How to Grow up Big and Strong [add]
12. Land of My Sojourn [add]

Brother's Keeper (1995) 01. Brother's Keeper [add]
02. Let Mercy Lead [add]
03. Hatching of a Heart lyrics
04. Promenade lyrics
05. Wounds of Love lyrics
06. Damascus Road lyrics
07. Eli's Song lyrics
08. Cry the Name lyrics
09. The Breaks lyrics
10. Quoting Deuteronomy to the Devil lyrics

Here in America [live] (2003) 01. Here in America [Songwriting Demo] [add]
02. Teaching Awesome God [live] [add]
03. Verge of a Miracle [live] [add]
04. Be With You [live] [add]
05. O Come All Ye Faithful [Songwriting Demo] [add]
06. What Trouble Are Giants [live] [add]
07. Praise Ye the Lord [live] [add]
08. Hello Old Friends [live] [add]
09. It Don't Do [live] [add]
10. Screen Door [live] [add]
11. Never Heard the Music [Songwriting Demo] [add]
12. None Are Stronger [live] [add]
13. The Lord's Prayer [Songwriting Demo] [add]
14. I Will Sing [*] [add]
15. Sing Your Praise to the Lord [*] [add]
16. If I Stand [*] [add]
17. Calling out Your Name [*] [add]
18. Elijah [*] [add]
19. Awesome God [*] [add]
20. We Are Not as Strong as We Think We Are [*] [add]
21. Let Mercy Lead [*] [add]
22. Boy Like Me/Man Like You [*] [add]
23. F Major Invention [*] [add]
24. Screen Door [*] [add]
25. Hold Me Jesus [*] [add]
26. Sometimes By Step [*] [add]
27. Creed [*] [add]
28. Sex and Self-Confidence [*] [add]
29. Perfection Is Boring [*] [add]
30. Be Assertive [*] [add]
31. Killing Philistines [*] [add]
32. Sensationalism [*] [add]
33. Worship Buzz [*] [add]
34. A Reason to Party [*] [add]
35. Life Is Good [*] [add]
36. Women & Tragedy [*] [add]
37. I Never Intended [*] [add]
38. Temptation in Germany [*] [add]
39. Driving Without Headlights [*] [add]

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