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Jody Stecher lyrics
Genre: Folk
A Song That Will Linger (1988) 01. Red Rocking Chair [add]
02. Hard Times/Dusty Miller [add]
03. Paul and Silas [add]
04. Those Two Blue Eyes [add]
05. Will You Miss Me? [add]
06. Alabama Waltz/Wolves Howling [add]
07. Love Farewell [add]
08. The Lovers ReturnLover's Return [add]
09. Shut up in the Mines at Coal Creek [add]
10. The Orphan Child [add]

Blue Lightning (1990) 01. Still (My Thoughts Go Back to You) [add]
02. A Lonesome Night [add]
03. Lonesome Road Blues [add]
04. Sitting on Top of the World [add]
05. Elkhorn Ridge [add]
06. Old Pal of Yesterday [add]
07. Country Blues [add]
08. Blue Diamond Mines [add]
09. Adieu False Heart [add]
10. Polly Ann [add]
11. Stepstones [add]
12. Just a Few More Days [add]

Our Town (1992) 01. Going to the West [add]
02. Home [add]
03. Old Country Stomp [add]
04. In Between Dreams [add]
05. The Showerhead Reel/The Twisted Arm/Big John McNeil [add]
06. Too Late, Too Late [add]
07. The Bramble and the Rose [add]
08. Our Town [add]
09. Twilight Is Stealing [add]
10. Curtains of Night [add]
11. Queen of the Earth and Child of the Stars/Roving on Last Winter's ... [add]
12. Henry and the True Machine [add]
13. Won't You Come and Sing for Me [add]

Stay Awhile (1995) 01. Seventeen Cents [add]
02. Seven Year Blues [add]
03. Fall on My Knees [add]
04. Short Life of Trouble [add]
05. Jack Monroe [add]
06. Long Time Travelling [add]
07. Blue Mountain [add]
08. Willie Moore [add]
09. A Rude and Rambling Man [add]
10. No Heaven on the County Road [add]
11. Laybourne's Hornpipe/The Grants' Hornpipe [add]
12. We Shall Meet Someday [add]

Heart Songs: Old Time Country Songs of Utah Phillips (1997) 01. Orphan Train [add]
02. Walking Through Your Town in the Snow [add]
03. Hood River, Roll On [add]
04. Scofield Mine Disaster [add]
05. Miner's Lullaby [add]
06. Rock, Salt and Nails [add]
07. Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia [add]
08. A Ragged Old Man [add]
09. The Jury Set Him Free [add]
10. Faded Rose [add]
11. John D. Lee [add]
12. Golden Mansion [add]
13. I Remember Loving You [add]

Oh the Wind and Rain (1999) 01. John Detroy [add]
02. Old Bangum [add]
03. Gypsy Davy [add]
04. Edmund and Emily [add]
05. Little Johnny Sailed From London [add]
06. Oh, the Wind and Rain [add]
07. Young Rapoleon [add]
08. Lowlands of Holland [add]
09. Rhinordine [add]
10. Lord Leitrim [add]
11. Barbary Ellen [add]

Songs of the Carter Family (2000) 01. Away Out on the Old Saint Sabbath [add]
02. Bear Creek Blues [add]
03. Meet Me in the Moonlight [add]
04. Single Girl, Married Girl [add]
05. Sow 'Em on the Mountain [add]
06. Dreaming of You Darling [add]
07. Bye and Bye [add]
08. Motherless Children [add]
09. Dark and Stormy Weather [add]
10. River of Jordan [add]
11. Don't Forget This Song [add]
12. March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All Away [add]

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