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Sally Rogers lyrics
Genre: Folk
Peace by Peace (1988) 01. I've Got a Song [add]
02. I Wanna Be Somebody [add]
03. Magic Penny [add]
04. I Can Be Anything [add]
05. Lambeth Children [add]
06. Dear Mr. President [add]
07. Don't You Push Me [add]
08. It's a Miracle [add]
09. I Can't Imagine [add]
10. I'm So Lucky [add]
11. Hands [add]
12. Study War No More [add]
13. Mur... Peace [add]

Generations (1989) 01. Prayin' for Rain [add]
02. Seven Long Years [add]
03. Testimony of Patience Kershaw [add]
04. Blue Lion Suite [add]
05. I'll Be There [add]
06. Who Can Sail [add]
07. Generations [add]
08. The Ballad of Sojourner Truth [add]
09. Valse de Jouets (Waltz of the Toys) [add]
10. I'll Still Be Loving You [add]
11. Mother [add]
12. Peace Round [add]
13. Dead Girl of Hiroshima [add]

Piggyback Planet: Songs for a Whole Earth (1989) 01. Hello, Ladybug [add]
02. Over in the Endangered Meadow [add]
03. The Rain Round/What Have They Done to the Rain [add]
04. What Have They Done to the Rain? [add]
05. K'ang Ting Song [add]
06. La Tierra Es Mi Madre [add]
07. Whale Song [add]
08. Garbage [add]
09. Junk Round [add]
10. The Recycle Song [add]
11. I Walk in Beauty [add]
12. What Did the Dinosaurs Say? [add]
13. This Land Is Your Land [add]

When Howie Met Sally (1990) 01. A Chat With Your Mother [add]
02. Plastic Rap [add]
03. Our Children [add]
04. Katie's Choice [add]
05. The Last Paycheck/The Martin House [add]
06. Testing [add]
07. Cordova [add]
08. The Dove/The Cuckoo/Give the Fiddler a Dram [add]
09. Names [add]
10. The Good in Living/Speed the Plow/Flying Cloud [add]
11. Ain't Life (Like a Wide, Wide Load on a Narrow Road) [add]
12. It's a Pleasure to Know You [add]

Closing the Distance (1991) 01. Be Gone Dull Care [add]
02. Are You Tired of Me, My Darling? [add]
03. Gentlemen of Distinction in the Army [add]
04. Come Thou Front of Every Blessing/Mountain Field [add]
05. Come Take a Trip in My Airship [add]
06. Quetico [add]
07. Ezekiel Saw the World [add]
08. Blessing [add]
09. Appalacian Round [add]
10. Mama, I Miss You Tonight [add]
11. Lovely Agnes [add]
12. Hey Hey Watenay/I Walk in Beauty [Ojibwe Lullaby/Navajo Chant] [add]
13. Some Fathers Have Gone to Glory [add]
14. Circle of the Sun [add]
15. I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me [add]
16. Way Down the Road [add]

What Can One Little Person Do? (1992) 01. What Can One Little Person Do? [add]
02. Amelia Earhart [add]
03. Billy Magee Magaw [add]
04. The Stoplight [add]
05. I Care for Joy [add]
06. Where Do the Animals Put All Their Trash? [add]
07. Migratin' [add]
08. No One [add]
09. It All Turned Blue [add]
10. Piri-Miri-Dictum Domini [add]
11. Fifty States [add]
12. 1492 [add]
13. P Is for Peace [add]

We'll Pass Them On (1995) 01. Across the Blue Mountains [add]
02. Le Bouvier [add]
03. Virginia's Alders (Friends and Neighbors) [add]
04. Home Again [add]
05. There Is No Place [add]
06. Gone to the Dogs [add]
07. In the Name of All of Our Children [add]
08. Mother Courage [add]
09. A Dozen Years [add]
10. Black Is the Color [add]
11. My Little Doney Gal/The Cuckoo [add]
12. Black Jack Davey [add]
13. Hard Work [add]
14. We'll Pass Them On [add]

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