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Ellis Paul lyrics
Genre: Folk
Urban Folk Songs (1989) 01. Ashes to Dust [add]
02. Photograph [add]
03. Urban Girl [add]
04. Broke and Hungry [add]
05. Clock [add]
06. Father to Son [add]
07. My Gold Mine [add]
08. Jester Fool [add]
09. Raven and Scarecrow [add]
10. The Love Remains [add]
11. Worn Out Pretention [add]
12. Lonely Man [add]

Say Something (1993) 01. Conversation With a Ghost [add]
02. Look at the Wind Blow [add]
03. Just the Jester Fool [add]
04. Angel [add]
05. Thin Man [add]
06. Washington D.C. 5/91 [add]
07. New Light on Your Halo [add]
08. Friday Night [add]
09. Blizzard [add]
10. Jumpin' a Train [add]
11. Say Something [add]

Stories (1994) 01. All Things Being the Same [add]
02. 3000 Miles [add]
03. Here She Is [add]
04. Autobiography of a Pistol [add]
05. River [add]
06. Last at the Table [add]
07. Last Call [add]
08. Who Killed John Lennon? [add]
09. King of Seventh Avenue [add]
10. Looking for My Friends [add]
11. Don't Breathe [add]

A Carnival of Voices (1996) 01. Midnight Strikes Too Soon [add]
02. Paris in a Day [add]
03. Trolley Car [add]
04. Deliver Me [add]
05. The Ball Is Coming Down [add]
06. Weightless lyrics
07. All My Heroes Were Junkies [add]
08. Lay Your Wager Down [add]
09. Never Lived at All [add]
10. Self Portrait [add]
11. Change [add]
12. Ghosts [add]

Translucent Soul (1998) 01. Take Me Down [add]
02. I'm the One to Save [add]
03. Seven [add]
04. She Loves a Girl [add]
05. Bring Me Backwards [add]
06. Did I Ever Know You? [add]
07. Live in the Now [add]
08. The World Ain't Slowin' Down [add]
09. Angel in Manhattan lyrics
10. I Won't Cry Over You [add]
11. Translucent Soul [add]

Am I Home (2000) 01. Angel [add]
02. This Old Car [add]
03. Fireflies [add]
04. Am I Home [add]
05. Poet Fool [add]
06. Traffic [add]
07. City Song [add]
08. New Light on Your Halo [add]
09. Town Crier [add]
10. Friday Night [add]

Live (2000) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Take Me Down [add]
03. Conversation With a Ghost (Solo) [add]
04. Look at the Wind Blow [add]
05. Airplane Pilot Dead Head (Story) [add]
06. Here She Is [add]
07. Tornado Girl (Poem) [add]
08. Marty's Lounge [add]
09. Maria's Beautiful Mess [add]
10. New York City Evening Out (Story) [add]
11. Angel in Manhattan lyrics
12. Intro: Mosh Pit [add]
13. 3000 Miles [add]
14. Did Galileo Pray? [add]
15. Last Call [add]
16. Harmony (Poem) [add]
17. Conversation With a Ghost [add]
18. Seize the Day [add]
19. Changing Your Name [add]
20. When We Begin [add]
21. All Things Being the Same [add]
22. Autobiography [add]
23. Never Lived at All [add]
24. Love's Too Familiar a Word (Poem) [add]
25. Mrs. Jones [add]
26. The World Ain't Slowin' Down [add]
27. Weightless lyrics

Sweet Mistakes (2001) 01. Kristian's Song [add]
02. Sweet Mistakes lyrics
03. New Orleans [add]
04. Seventeen Septembers [add]
05. Independence Day [add]
06. 3, 000 Miles (Remix) [add]
07. The Martyr's Lounge [add]
08. Roll Away Bed [add]
09. The Art of Distance [add]
10. Medicine [add]
11. The 20th Century Is Over [add]
12. Beautiful World [add]

The Speed of Trees (2002) 01. Maria's Beautiful Mess [add]
02. Give in, Give Up [add]
03. Eighteen [add]
04. If You Break Down [add]
05. The Ballad of Chris McCandless [add]
06. Sweet Mistakes lyrics
07. Words [add]
08. Roll Away Bed [add]
09. Breaking Through the Radio [add]
10. When We Begin [add]
11. God's Promise [add]
12. The Speed of Trees [add]

Side of the Road (2003) 01. The Only Way [add]
02. Side of the Road [add]
03. Citizen of the World [add]
04. Comes a Time [add]
05. May I Suggest [add]
06. What Do I Want What Do I Need [add]
07. Gentle Arms of Eden [add]
08. This Morning I Am Born Again [add]
09. Alone Down Here [add]
10. Comfort You [add]

American Jukebox Fables (2005) 01. Blacktop Train [add]
02. Kiss the Sun [add]
03. Take All the Sky You Need [add]
04. Time [add]
05. Goodbye Hollywood [add]
06. Marc Chagall [add]
07. Jukebox on My Grave [add]
08. Home [add]
09. Alice's Champagne Palace [add]
10. She Was [add]
11. Bad, Bad Blood [add]
12. Mystified [add]
13. Clarity lyrics

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