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Robert Earl Keen, Jr. lyrics
Genre: Folk
No Kinda Dancer (1984) 01. No Kinda Dancer [add]
02. The Front Porch Song [add]
03. Between Hello and Goodbye [add]
04. Swervin' in My Lane [add]
05. Christabel [add]
06. Willie [add]
07. Young Lovers Waltz [add]
08. Death of Tail Fitzimmons [add]
09. Rolling By [add]
10. The Armadillo Jackal [add]
11. Song for Kathy [#] [add]

The Live Album (1988) 01. I Wanna Know [add]
02. The Front Porch Song [add]
03. Goin' Down in Style [add]
04. If I Were King [add]
05. Copenhagen [add]
06. I Would Change My Life [add]
07. Stewball [add]
08. I'll Go on Downtown [add]
09. The Bluegrass Widow [add]
10. Who'll Be Looking Out for Me [add]

West Textures (1989) 01. Sing One for Sister [add]
02. The Road Goes on Forever [add]
03. Maria [add]
04. Sonora's Death Row [add]
05. Mariano [add]
06. Don't Turn Out the Light [add]
07. Leavin' Tennessee [add]
08. Jennifer Johnson and Me [add]
09. The Five Pound Bass [add]
10. It's the Little Things [add]
11. Love's a Word I Never Throw Around [add]

A Bigger Piece of Sky (1993) 01. So I Can Take My Rest lyrics
02. Whenever Kindness Fails lyrics
03. Amarillo Highway lyrics
04. Night Right for Love [add]
05. Jesse With the Long Hair lyrics
06. Blow You Away lyrics
07. Here in Arkansas [add]
08. Daddy Had a Buick [add]
09. Corpus Christi Bay [add]
10. Crazy Cowboy Dream [add]
11. Paint the Town Beige [add]

Gringo Honeymoon (1994) 01. Think It over One Time [add]
02. Tom Ames' Prayer [add]
03. Gringo Honeymoon [add]
04. The Raven and the Coyote [add]
05. Lonely Feelin' [add]
06. Merry Christmas from the Family [add]
07. Barbeque [add]
08. Lynnville Train [add]
09. I'm Comin' Home [add]
10. Dreadful Selfish Crime [add]

No. 2 Live Dinner (1996) 01. Intro [add]
02. I'm Going to Town [add]
03. Gringo Honeymoon [add]
04. Merry Christmas from the Family [add]
05. Five Pound Bass [add]
06. Band Intro [add]
07. Rollin' By [add]
08. Sonora's Death Row [add]
09. When the Bluebonnets Bloom [add]
10. Thing It Over One Time [add]
11. Amarillo Highway lyrics
12. The Road Intro [add]
13. The Road Goes on Forever [add]
14. Dreadful Selfish Crime [add]
15. Mariano Intro [add]
16. Mariano [add]
17. I'm Comin' Home [add]

Picnic (1997) 01. Undone [add]
02. Over the Waterfall [add]
03. Levelland [add]
04. I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight [add]
05. Oh Rosie [add]
06. Runnin' With the Night [add]
07. The Coming Home of the Son and Brother [add]
08. Shades of Gray [add]
09. Fourth of July [add]
10. Then Came Lo Mein [add]

Walking Distance (1998) 01. Down That Dusty Trail [add]
02. Travelin' Light [add]
03. Feelin' Good Again [add]
04. That Buckin' Song [add]
05. I'll Be Here for You [add]
06. Billy Gray [add]
07. Theme: Road to No Return/Carolina [add]
08. New Life in Old Mexico [add]
09. Still Without You/Conclusion: Road to No Return [add]
10. (Silent Track) [add]
11. Happy Holiday Y'all [*] [add]

Gravitational Forces (2001) 01. My Home Ain't in the Hall of Fame [add]
02. Hello New Orleans [add]
03. Wild Wind [add]
04. Not a Drop of Rain [add]
05. I Still Miss Someone [add]
06. Fallin' Out [add]
07. High Plains Jamboree [add]
08. Walkin' Cane [add]
09. Goin' Nowhere Blues [add]
10. Snowin' on Raton [add]
11. Gravitational Forces [add]
12. The Road Goes on Forever [add]

Farm Fresh Onions (2003) 01. Furnace Fan [add]
02. All I Have Is Today [add]
03. Out Here in the Middle [add]
04. Train Trek [add]
05. Farm Fresh Onions [add]
06. Floppy Shoes [add]
07. Gone On [add]
08. So Sorry Blues [add]
09. Beats the Devil [add]
10. These Years [add]
11. Famous Words [add]
12. Let the Music Play [add]
13. Farm Fresh Onions Extras [add]

Live from Austin TX (2004) 01. Dreadful Selfish Crime [add]
02. Blow You Away lyrics
03. Shades of Gray [add]
04. I'm Goin' to Town [add]
05. That Buckin' Song [add]
06. I Still Miss Someone [add]
07. The Coming Home of the Son and Brother [add]
08. The Road Goes On Forever [add]
09. Merry Christmas from the Family [add]
10. Snowin' on Raton [add]
11. Not a Drop of Rain [add]
12. Wild Wind [add]
13. Goin' Nowhere Blues [add]
14. Down That Dusty Trail [add]
15. Feelin' Good Again [add]
16. Walkin' Cane [add]
17. Travelin' Light [add]

What I Really Mean (2005) 01. For Love [add]
02. Mr. Wolf and Mamabear [add]
03. What I Really Mean [add]
04. The Great Hank [add]
05. The Wild Ones [add]
06. Long Chain [add]
07. Broken End of Love [add]
08. The Dark Side of the World [add]
09. The Traveling Storm [add]
10. A Border Tragedy [add]
11. Ride [add]

Live at the Ryman (2006) 01. Feelin' Good Again [add]
02. Gringo Honeymoon [add]
03. What I Really Mean [add]
04. Shades of Gray [add]
05. Amarillo Highway lyrics
06. Merry Christmas from the Family [add]
07. Corpus Christi Bay [add]
08. Furnace Fan [add]
09. Broken End of Love [add]
10. Long Chain [add]
11. Train Trek [add]
12. I'm Comin' Home [add]
13. The Road Goes on Forever [add]
14. Farm Fresh Onions [add]

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