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Genre: Folk
The Whistle of the Jay (1985) 01. Missouri Road Song [add]
02. The Roseville Fair [add]
03. Ol' Jack [add]
04. Joli Girl [add]
05. Henri Leblanc [add]
06. The Rivers of Texas [add]
07. The Lover's Waltz [add]
08. The Logging Song [add]
09. Piney River Girl [add]
10. A Cowboy's Hard Times [add]
11. Jubilee [add]
12. Mexico Way [add]
13. A Place in the Choir [add]
14. River lyrics

The First Million Miles (1989) 01. A Place in a Choir [add]
02. Prairie Song [add]
03. Yellowstone Winds [add]
04. Wild, Wild Heart lyrics
05. Eyes to Eyes [add]
06. Old Silver [add]
07. Roseville Fair lyrics
08. October Winds [add]
09. One Goodbye [add]
10. Sue?o [add]
11. The Faith of Man [add]
12. Bridges [add]
13. Down the Road [add]
14. Phoenix [add]
15. Walk Down by the Water [add]
16. The Ballad of the Maples [add]
17. Sourdough/Miner's Song [add]
18. River lyrics

Tracks and Trails (1991) 01. In Order to Survive [add]
02. Music to Me [add]
03. Walker Behind the Wheel [add]
04. The Streets of Old Quebec [add]
05. The Little Cowboys's Lullaby [add]
06. Heart of Stone [add]
07. The Long Trains [add]
08. I Never Got to Say Goodbye [add]
09. Gold Dust in Our Eyes [add]
10. Winter [add]
11. Peter Amberley [add]
12. Winter on the Railroad [add]
13. Traveling Shoes [add]

Bridges (1992) 01. Pretty Boy Floyd [add]
02. Moving It Down the Line [add]
03. Walker Behind the Wheel [add]
04. A Place in the Choir [add]
05. The Porcupine Talks to Itself [add]
06. The Happy Yodel [add]
07. Bridges [add]
08. Railroad Blues [add]
09. Louisiana Storm [add]
10. Secret Garden [add]
11. River lyrics
12. I Bid You Goodnight [add]
13. I Bid You Goodnight [add]

Going to the West (1993) 01. Going to the West [add]
02. Child of Mine [add]
03. Buffy's Quality Cafe [add]
04. Chilly Winds [add]
05. Show Me the Road [add]
06. River lyrics
07. Crossing the Water [add]
08. Neath the Moon and the Morning Star [add]
09. Distances and Miles [add]
10. Fill My Thirst [add]
11. Autumn Waltz (The Wind River Turnaround) [add]
12. Black Sheep Boy [add]

The Happy Wanderer (1993) 01. The Happy Wanderer [add]
02. This Song Is for the Birds [add]
03. Home on the Range [add]
04. The Gypsy Rover [add]
05. Kookaburra [add]
06. Little Brown Dog [add]
07. I Can Feel the Sweet Wind Blowing (Bless My Soul) [add]
08. Four Little Sailors [add]
09. The Apple Picker's Reel [add]
10. First Lullaby [add]
11. Jubilee [add]
12. Sweet Potato [add]
13. Hound Dog Song [add]
14. A Place in the Choir [add]

Look for the Wind (1995) 01. Every Long Journey [add]
02. All That Keeps You Going [add]
03. Bill Hosie [add]
04. Men of the Fields [add]
05. Song for Tingmissartoq [add]
06. Ceiling Unlimited [add]
07. Where Does the Love Go [add]
08. Last Dance at Salinas [add]
09. For a Dancer [add]
10. Early Morning Rain [add]
11. Sampler Song [add]
12. Only Remembered [add]

Miles (1995) 01. Allegheny [add]
02. All of Me [add]
03. My Sweet Wyoming Home lyrics
04. Zane Grey [add]
05. The Happy Yodel [add]
06. Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos [add]
07. Going Back Where Wheatfields Wave [add]
08. I Sang for Her a Song [add]
09. Walk Down by the Water [add]
10. Tulsa [add]
11. Old Grey Wolf [add]

Sandstone Cathedral (1995) 01. Just for Love [add]
02. Eyes to Eyes [add]
03. Ol' Pen [add]
04. Flowers in the Snow [add]
05. The Faith of Man [add]
06. Sandstone Cathedrals [add]
07. Coyote lyrics
08. Northland [add]
09. Where I Live [add]
10. Down the Road [add]

Just Play One Tune More (1998) 01. Red Clay Country Blues [add]
02. Wild Rippling Waters [add]
03. Alkali [add]
04. The Lost Mine of the Chisos [add]
05. I Must Be Going Home lyrics
06. The Boats They Come and the Boats They Go [add]
07. Spanish Is a Loving Tongue [add]
08. Lynchburg Town [add]
09. My Sweet Wyoming Home lyrics
10. Rye Whiskey Joe [add]
11. The Black Fly Song [add]
12. Liverpool Light lyrics
13. The Music Box [add]
14. White Mountain Goodbye [add]

One More River (1998) 01. Less of Me [add]
02. The Fox [add]
03. Leatherwing Bat [add]
04. Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit [add]
05. Mole in the Ground [add]
06. So Sang the River [add]
07. The Ash Grove [add]
08. One More River [add]
09. Ol' Blue [add]
10. My Grandfather's Clock [add]
11. A Song of Peace [add]
12. Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit [add]

The First Million Miles, Vol. 2 (1998) 01. Rodeo Rose [add]
02. Only a Song [add]
03. January Snow [add]
04. Sunny Road [add]
05. Redbird's Wing [add]
06. The Shores of Prudhoe Bay [add]
07. Bird in the Wind [add]
08. Border Blues [add]
09. Sunshine Islands [add]
10. First Lullabye [add]
11. Sweet Sunny South [add]
12. Heart Alone [add]
13. Northland [add]
14. Gambler's Game [add]
15. Stone Face [add]
16. Coyote lyrics
17. Last Margarita at Monterey [add]
18. Lovers and Losers [add]
19. Spirit Song [add]

October's Hill (2000) 01. Dear Friend [add]
02. On the Road Again [add]
03. Some Distant Hill [add]
04. Games People Play [add]
05. Virginia's Reel [add]
06. Love's Been Good to Me [add]
07. Ghost Towns [add]
08. Old City Jail [add]
09. Gold Watch and Chain [add]
10. When I Hear the Music Play [add]
11. An Afternoon at Cohan's [add]
12. All Things Bright and Beautiful [add]

Journey Home (2004) 01. Rompin' Rovin' Days [add]
02. Stewball [add]
03. Journey Home [add]
04. Hobo's Lullaby [add]
05. Bound for the Promised Land [add]
06. A Rancher Turns 80/The Years [add]
07. The Piney Wood Hills [add]
08. Love Was Easy [add]
09. The Philosopher's Song [add]
10. Tell Ol' Bill [add]
11. Prairie in the Sky [add]
12. Pretty Saro [add]
13. How Can I Keep from Singing [add]

Second Million Miles (2005) 01. Dear Friend [add]
02. The Philosopher's Song [add]
03. Journey Home [add]
04. Child of Mine [add]
05. Four Little Sailors [add]
06. Autumn Waltz [add]
07. Where Does the Love Go [add]
08. Louisiana Storm [live] [add]
09. Prarie in the Sky [add]
10. When I Hear the Music Play [add]
11. Leatherwing Bat [add]
12. Song for Tingmissartoq [add]
13. Crossing the Water [add]
14. So Sang the River [add]
15. Distances and Miles [add]
16. Little Brown Dog [add]
17. How Can I Keep from Singing [Shaker Hymn] [add]

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