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Mike Seeger lyrics
Genre: Folk
Modern Times (0000) 01. Shut Up in the Mines of Coal Creek [add]
02. '31 Depression Blues [add]
03. That Little Lump of Coal [add]
04. Union Man [add]
05. Got the Farm Land Blues [add]
06. We Are Up Against It Now [add]
07. From Earth to Heaven [add]
08. Henry Ford's Model a [add]
09. Truck Driving Man [add]
10. Dollar Down and a Dollar a Week [add]
11. Dear Okie [add]
12. From 40 to 65 [add]
13. Private John Q. [add]
14. Weaver's Life [add]
15. The Death of Ellenton [add]
16. Take Them for a Ride [add]
17. Timetable Blues [add]
18. Bye Bye Black Smoke Choo Choo [add]

Music from True Vine (0000) 01. Birmingham Tickle [add]
02. I've Rambled This Country Both Earlye and Late [add]
03. The Sailor and the Soldier [add]
04. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down [add]
05. Old Grey Mare [add]
06. Rattlesnake Daddy [add]
07. Buckdancer's Choice [add]
08. Old Blind Drunk John [add]
09. In and Around and Nashville [add]
10. Little Betty Ann [add]
11. Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair [add]
12. Gambling Man [add]
13. Roving Cowboy [add]
14. Lost Indian [add]

Solo: Old Time Music (1962) 01. Tennessee Dog [add]
02. Ground Hog [add]
03. Roustabout [add]
04. Sally Goodin' [add]
05. The Wreck of the Tennessee Gravy Train [add]
06. Shaking the Pines in the Holler [add]
07. Dog & Gun [add]
08. Candy Girl [add]
09. Tucker's Barn [add]
10. Wind and Rain [add]
11. Fare You Well, Green Fields [add]
12. Poor Indian [add]
13. We're Stole and Sold from Africa [add]
14. Rockbridge Holler [add]
15. Quill Ditty [add]
16. Rolling & Tumbling Blues [add]
17. Blue Tail Fly [add]
18. Prairie Ronde Waltz [add]

Tipple, Loom & Rail (1965) 01. A Factory Girl [add]
02. Coal Creek Troubles [add]
03. Edward Lewis [add]
04. Come All You Coal Miners [add]
05. The Miner's Blues [add]
06. The Miner's Blues [add]
07. Harlan Country Blues [add]
08. Cotton Mill Blues [add]
09. The Reckless Motorman [add]
10. The New Market Wreck [add]
11. Cotton Mill Colic [add]
12. The Virginian Strike of '23 [add]
13. Roane County Strike at Harriman Tennessee [add]
14. The Hard Working Miner [add]
15. Hard Times in These Mines [add]
16. Spinning Room Blues [add]
17. The Death of John Henry [add]

Fresh Oldtime String Band (1988) 01. Boatman [add]
02. Mabel [add]
03. Black Jack Davey [add]
04. Billy in Waynesboro [add]
05. Poor Black Sheep [add]
06. East Tennessee Blues/Goin' Crazy [add]
07. Tenbrook and Mollie [add]
08. Cotton Eyed Joe [add]
09. Pork Fat Makes My Chicken Tan [add]
10. Wagnerd [add]
11. Wedding Waltz [add]

American Folk Songs for Christmas (1989) 01. Stars in the Heaven [add]
02. Oh, Watch the Stars [add]
03. Great Big Stars [add]
04. Shine Like a Star in the Morning [add]
05. Bright Morning Stars Are Rising [add]
06. Rise up, Shepherd, and Follow [add]
07. Shepherd, Shepherd [add]
08. Don't You Hear the Lambs A-Crying [add]
09. Found My Lost Sheep [add]
10. Look Away to Bethlehem [add]
11. How Many Miles to Bethlehem? [add]
12. Jehovah Hellelujah [add]
13. Joseph and Mary [add]
14. A Virgin Most Pure [add]
15. Baby Born Today [add]
16. Got Tell It on the Mountain [add]
17. Shepherds Rejoice [add]
18. The New Born Baby [add]
19. Oh, Mary and the Baby, Lamb [add]
20. Star in the East [add]
21. Baby of Bethlehem [add]
22. Child of God [add]
23. Cradle Hymn [add]
24. Ain't That a Rocking All Night [add]
25. Sing a Lamb [add]
26. Mary, What You Going to Name That Pretty Little Baby? [add]
27. Sing Hallelu [add]
28. Mary Had a Baby [add]
29. Jesus Borned in Bethlea [add]
30. Wasn't That a Might Day [add]
31. January, February the Last Month of the Year [add]
32. Poor Little Jesus [add]
33. Heard from Heaven Today [add]
34. 'Twas a Wonder in Heaven [add]
35. Mariner's Hymn [add]
36. O May, Where Is Your Baby? [add]
37. Yonder Comes Sister Mary [add]
38. The Blessings of Mary [add]
39. Awake [add]
40. Exultation [add]
41. Children of the Heavenly King [add]
42. Singing in the Land [add]
43. Rejoice My Friends [add]
44. The Twelve Apostles [add]
45. Holy Babe [add]
46. The Twelve Days of Christmas [add]
47. The Angel Band [add]
48. Almost Day [add]
49. Heaven Bell Ring [add]
50. A Mince Pie or a Pudding [add]

Animal Folk Songs for Children (1992) 01. Raccoon and Possum [add]
02. Mister Rabbit [add]
03. Peep Squirrel [add]
04. A Squirrel Is a Pretty Thing [add]
05. Cross-Eyed Gopher [add]
06. Muskrat [add]
07. Old Groundhog [add]
08. Snake Baked a Hoecake [add]
09. Mole in the Ground [add]
10. Little Dog Named Right [add]
11. Little Lap Dog Lullabye [add]
12. Little Brown Dog [add]
13. Oh Blue [add]
14. Old Fox [add]
15. The Deer Song [add]
16. And We Hunted and We Hunted [add]
17. The Gray Goose [add]
18. Old Lady Goose [add]
19. The Old Hend Cackled and the Rooster Laid the Egg [add]
20. My Old Hen's a Good Old Hen [add]
21. Turkey Song [add]
22. Shake That Little Foot, Dinah-O [add]
23. There Was an Old Frog [add]
24. Little Pig [add]
25. The Old Sow [add]
26. The Little Black Bull [add]
27. The Old Cow Died [add]
28. Black Sheep, Black Sheep [add]
29. The Big Sheep [add]
30. Old Bell'd Yoe [add]
31. The Kicking Mule [add]
32. Whoa Mule! Can't Get the Saddle On [add]
33. Hop up, My Ladies [add]
34. Stewball [add]
35. Riding Round the Cattle [add]
36. Crocodile Song [add]
37. Go on, Old 'Gator [add]
38. Of All the Beast-Es [add]
39. Go to Sleep [add]
40. Jack, Can I Ride? [add]
41. Daddy Shot a Bear [add]
42. Wolves A-Howling [add]
43. Song of the Doodlebug [add]
44. Little Birdie [add]
45. The Sea Fowl [add]
46. Old Bangum [add]
47. The Swapping Song [add]
48. Great Big Dog [add]
49. Saw a Sow [add]
50. Turkey in the Straw [add]

Third Annual Farewell Reunion (1994) 01. Shaking off the Acorns [add]
02. Leaving Tennessee [add]
03. The Memory of Your Smile [add]
04. Only Remembered [add]
05. The Mayor Is Good Old Boy [add]
06. Boat's Up the River [add]
07. East Virginia Blues [add]
08. They're at Rest Together [add]
09. The Ballad of Hollis Brown [add]
10. Oh My Little Dutch Girl [add]
11. Deep Shady Grove [add]
12. Cripple Creek [add]
13. Oldtime Sally Ann [add]
14. Rose in the Mountain [add]
15. Little Cabin Home on the Hill [add]
16. Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender [add]
17. 900 Miles [add]
18. Savoy Family Waltz [add]
19. I'm Going to the West [add]
20. Bound Steel Blues [add]
21. Brown's Ferry Blues [add]
22. You've Been a Friend to Me [add]
23. Frog Heaven [add]

Way Down in North Carolina (1996) 01. Wandering Boy [add]
02. I Have No One to Love Me (But the Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea) [add]
03. Down to Tampa lyrics
04. The Rout [add]
05. Trader Boatman [add]
06. Green Icy Mountain [add]
07. Cacklin' Hen [add]
08. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor [add]
09. Goodbye, Little Bonnie [add]
10. What'll I Do With the Baby-O? [add]
11. Way Down in North Carolina [add]
12. Rabbit Chase [add]
13. New River Train [add]
14. Tee la Lollee [add]
15. Loving Emma [add]
16. Little Maggie [add]
17. Walking That Pretty Girl Home [add]
18. Cousin Sally Brown [add]
19. Chilly Winds [add]
20. That Girl I Love [add]
21. Let Me Fall [add]

Southern Banjo Sounds (1998) 01. Soon in the Morning Babe [add]
02. Josh Thomas's Roustabout [add]
03. Jim Crack Corn [add]
04. Darling Cora [add]
05. Devil's Dream [add]
06. Little Birdie [add]
07. Around the World [add]
08. Whoopin' up Cattle [add]
09. Flop Eared Mule [add]
10. Lost Gander [add]
11. The Sailor and the Soldier [add]
12. American Spanish Fandango [add]
13. Got No Silver nor Gold Blues [add]
14. We're up Against It Now [add]
15. That's What the Old Bachelor's Made Out Of [add]
16. The Last of Callahan [add]
17. Lady Gay [add]
18. Down South Blues [add]
19. Last Night When My Willie Come Home [add]
20. Wabash Blues [add]
21. Bright Sunny South [add]
22. Roll on John [add]
23. Needlecase [add]
24. Come My Little Pink [add]
25. Battle in the Horseshoe [add]
26. I'm Head over Heels in Love [add]

True Vine (2003) 01. Breaking Up Ice in the Allegheny [add]
02. Coo Coo Bird [add]
03. Johnson Jinkson [add]
04. Little Rabbit, Where's Your Mammy? [add]
05. The Raftsman's Song [add]
06. Honeycutt's Holler [add]
07. Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe? [add]
08. Blow the Horn, Blow [add]
09. Old Man [add]
10. Spoonful [add]
11. Shouting in Jerusalem [add]
12. When Sorrows Encompass Me Round [add]
13. Calico [add]
14. Early in the Spring [add]
15. Freight Train [add]
16. Goodbye, My Little Darling [add]
17. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down [add]
18. I'm Gonna Go Huntin' for the Buffalo [add]
19. Grandad Jim's Waltz [add]
20. The Golden Willow Tree [add]
21. California Cotillion [add]
22. Young Johnnie [add]
23. Sail Away Ladies [add]

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