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Luther Allison lyrics
Genre: Blues
Love Me Mama (1969) 01. Why I Love the Blues [add]
02. Little Red Rooster [add]
03. 4:00 in the Morning (Waiting on You) [add]
04. You Done Lost Your Good Thing [alternate take/#] [add]
05. Five Long Years [add]
06. Dust My Broom [add]
07. Every Night About This Time [#] [add]
08. Love Me Mama [add]
09. The Sky Is Crying [add]
10. Help Me [add]
11. You Done Lost You Good Thing Now [add]
12. Bloomington Closer [#] [add]
13. Little Red Rooster [alternate take/#] [add]
14. Walking from Door to Door [#] [add]

Bad News Is Coming (1973) 01. The Little Red Rooster [add]
02. Evil Is Going On [add]
03. Raggedy and Dirty [add]
04. Rock Me Baby [add]
05. Bad News Is Coming [add]
06. Cut You A-Loose [add]
07. Dust My Broom [add]
08. The Stumble [*] [add]
09. Sweet Home Chicago [*] [add]
10. It's Been a Long Time [*] [add]
11. Take My Love [*] [add]

Luther's Blues (1974) 01. Luther's Blues [add]
02. Someday Pretty Baby [add]
03. Easy Baby [add]
04. Part Time Love [add]
05. Now You Got It [add]
06. K.T. [add]
07. Let's Have a Little Talk [add]
08. Driving Wheel [add]
09. Into My Life [add]
10. San-Ho-Zay [#] [add]
11. Bloomington Closing - Early Version [#] [add]
12. Medley: I'm Gonna Miss My Baby/Bad News/The Thrill is Gone (Live ...) [add]

Love Me Papa (1977) 01. Love Me Papa [add]
02. Blues With a Feeling [add]
03. Last Night I Lost the Best Friend I Ever Had [add]
04. Key to the Highway [add]
05. It's Too Late [add]
06. Feelin' So Good [add]
07. Going Down [add]
08. Luther's Boogie [add]
09. Standing at the Crossroads [add]

Live in Paris (1979) 01. Crazy Jealous [add]
02. Sweet Little Angel [add]
03. My Babe [add]
04. The Thrill Is Gone [add]
05. Early in the Morning [add]
06. Tribute to Hound Dog [add]
07. Luther's Shuffle [add]
08. I Can't Quit You Baby [add]
09. I'm Leavin' [add]
10. Rock Me Baby [add]

Power Wire Blues (1979) 01. Dust My Broom [add]
02. I Got Worries [add]
03. You Don't Love Me [add]
04. Going Down [add]
05. I'm Gonna Leave You Alone [add]
06. Sweet Home Chicago [add]

Southside Safari (1983) 01. Strokes [add]
02. You're Gonna Need Me [add]
03. You Upset Me Babe [add]
04. Movin' on Up [add]
05. The Thrill Is Gone [add]
06. Cat Blues [add]
07. Messin' With the Kid [add]

Let's Have a Natural Ball (1984) 01. You're All I Need [add]
02. Let's Have a Natural Ball [add]
03. Sit and Talk [add]
04. Funkin' It [add]
05. Have the Same Old Blues [add]
06. Get Out of My Life [add]
07. You're Gonna Need My Help [add]
08. Let Me Love You Baby [add]

Life Is a Bitch (1984) 01. Backtrack [add]
02. Reaching Out [add]
03. Parking Lot [add]
04. Serious [add]
05. Just Memories [add]
06. Should I Wait? [add]
07. Let's Try It Again [add]
08. We're on the Road [add]

Here I Come (1985) 01. Here I Come [add]
02. Vision [add]
03. Midnight Creeper [add]
04. Too Many Women [add]
05. I Just Can't Turn You A-Loose [add]
06. A Change Must Come [add]
07. Guitar Slingin' [add]
08. An Old Sweet Song [add]
09. You're My Woman [add]
10. I Think I Need Some Help [add]
11. Glass Trap [add]
12. Overseas Boogie [add]

Serious (1987) 01. Backtrack [add]
02. Life Is a Bitch [add]
03. Reaching Out [add]
04. Parking Lot [add]
05. Serious [add]
06. Just Memories [add]
07. Should I Wait? [add]
08. Show Me a Reason [add]
09. Let's Try It Again [add]
10. We're on the Road [add]

Hand Me Down My Moonshine (1994) 01. Good Morning Love [add]
02. One More [add]
03. Lightning Bolt [add]
04. I Need a Friend [add]
05. Castle [add]
06. She's Fine [add]
07. Stay With Me [add]
08. Farmers Child [add]
09. Don't Burn My Bread [add]
10. You're the One [add]
11. Hand Me Down My Moonshine [add]
12. Meet Me in My Own Hometown [add]

Soul Fixin' Man (1994) 01. Bad Love [add]
02. I Want to Know [add]
03. Soul Fixin' Man [add]
04. Middle of the Road [add]
05. She Was Born That Way [add]
06. Gave It All [add]
07. You Been Teasin' Me [add]
08. Nobody But You [add]
09. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is [add]
10. The Things I Used to Do [add]
11. Love String [add]
12. Freedom [add]

Blue Streak (1995) 01. All the King's Horses [add]
02. What Have I Done Wrong? [add]
03. Big City lyrics
04. Move from the Hood [add]
05. What's Going on in My Home? [add]
06. I Believe in You [add]
07. Cherry Red Wine [add]
08. Walking Papers [add]
09. Think With Your Heart [add]
10. You Don't Know [add]
11. Should I Wait? [add]
12. Midnight Creeper [add]

Time (1995) 01. Time [add]
02. Give It All [add]
03. Down South [add]
04. I Can't Tell You What to Do [add]
05. Compromizing for Your Needs [add]
06. It's Partyin' Time [add]
07. You're Doing a Super Homework [add]
08. Just My Guitar (And Me) [add]

Reckless (1997) 01. Low Down and Dirty [add]
02. You Can Run But You Can't Hide [add]
03. Living in the House of the Blues [add]
04. You Can, You Can [add]
05. Will It Ever Change? [add]
06. Just as I Am [add]
07. There Comes a Time [add]
08. Drowning at the Bottom [add]
09. Playin' a Losin' Game [add]
10. It's a Blues Thing [add]
11. Cancel My Check [add]
12. Pain in the Streets [add]
13. You're Gonna Make Me Cry [add]
14. I'm Back [add]

Live in Chicago (1999) 01. Intro [add]
02. Soul Fixin' Man [add]
03. Cherry Red Wine [add]
04. Move from the Hood [add]
05. Bad Love [add]
06. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is [add]
07. Big City lyrics
08. Give Me Back My Wig [add]
09. It Hurts Me Too [add]
10. Medley: Gambler's Blues/Sweet Little Angel [add]
11. Party Time [add]
12. All the King's Horses [add]
13. What Have I Done Wrong? [add]
14. Walking Papers [add]
15. Think With Your Heart [add]
16. What's Going on in My Home? [add]
17. Will It Ever Change? [add]
18. You're Gonna Make Me Cry [add]
19. Everything's Gonna Be All Right [add]

Pay It Forward (2002) 01. I Wanna Be With You [#] [add]
02. Still Called the Blues [add]
03. Dock of the Bay [#] [add]
04. Just as I Am [#] [add]
05. Nobody But You [#] [add]
06. Perfume and Grime [add]
07. Cherry Red Wine [#] [add]
08. Idols in Mind [add]
09. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man [#] [add]
10. Slipping Away [add]
11. Love Is Free/I Know [live/*] [add]

Standing at the Crossroad (2003) 01. Love Me Papa [add]
02. Goin' Down [Take 1] [add]
03. Blues With a Feeling [add]
04. It's Too Late [add]
05. Standing at the Crossroad [add]
06. Key to the Highway [add]
07. Last Night [add]
08. Feelin' So Good [Take 1] [add]
09. Luther's Boogie [add]
10. Goin' Down [Take 4] [add]
11. Feelin' So Good [Take 2] [add]

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