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Hamnataing Fiddlers' Bid lyrics
Artist: Fiddlers' Bid lyrics
Album Title: Hamnataing
Released: 1999-02-09 year
         Song Rating
01   Da Sneck O' da Smaalie: Da Sneck O' da Smaalie/Doon Fae Nort/Jenna Reid[add]   -
02   Yellow Stockings: Yellow Stockings/Da Back Reel/Lucky Can You Link Ony[add]   -
03   Hamnataing[add]   -
04   Da Sabbit Prawn: Da Ness O' Soond/Pottingers Reel/The Rayburn Reel[add]   -
05   The Seagull: The Lawsiders/The Seagull/The Ship in Full Sail[add]   -
06   The African Set: Clovullin/Lad O' Byrnes/Beaton's Delight/Toss the ...[add]   -
07   Inisheer: Sir Arthur Shaen/Inisheer[add]   -
08   Skye Barbecue: The Sound of Mull/The Skye Barbecue[add]   -
09   Michael's Mazurka[add]   -
10   The Isle of Aigas[add]   -
11   The Trows: The Trows of Truggles Water/Willie Coleman's/Catriona McKay ...[add]   -
12   Da Tief upon da Lum: The Lass That Made the Bed for Me/Da Tief upon Da[add]   -

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